Library Monitors

Note:  Sadly, this year, we will not have library monitors, but hoping 2021-2022 allows us to.

Why become a library monitor?

  • to volunteer
  • to build a new skillset
  • to build your resume
  • to have fun

What do we do?

Desk duty: check-in and out books. Arrange books to be shelved on the cart. Put items needing mending onto the work area shelves.

Shelf duty: shelve recently returned items. Check shelves are in numerical / alphabetical order. Ensure all books are upright on shelves and replace borrowed items on display stands.

Workroom duty: label and stamp new books according to library procedures.

Floor duty: assist users to locate information via the catalogue, online databases and the shelves. Help with troubleshooting computers, photocopiers and printers.

Promotions duty: create and maintain a themed display. Write a review and recommendation for the library blog, newsletter, school website or intranet.

Extras: tidy up just before lunchtime ends. Put back or pick up: tables, chairs, books, magazines, garbage. Help set-up and run the book fair.